Baby kittens: FAQ


My kitten is scratching my furniture to bits. What do I do?

Invest in a scratching post or cat tree. Kittens and cats have an instinctual need to scratch. A good scratching post will prove attractive to a kitten and will save your furniture form wear and tear!

Where should I feed my kitten?

Choose an area and stick to it. Somewhere with a linoleum or tiled floor is  my advice. Your kitten will become accustomed to eating at the same place everyday. Make sure you have a special food and water bowl for your kitten so it associates food with it and not your dinner plate! If you want to pamper your kitty there are a range of drinking fountains and specialty bowls in the marketplace.

Where should my kitten sleep?

Investment in a cat bed is advisable. This will save you nights of sharp little claws and playful nips when you have to get up in the morning. For the very young kitten, wrap an old alarm clock in its bedding. This will give it the association of its mothers heart when it sleeps and comfort it.

Do I need to bathe my baby kitten?

No initially you will not. Brush them regularly (once a day) to help keep the fleas at bay. Slowly introduce your kitten to bathing in its fourth to fifth month of life.

Does my kitten need a pet carrier?

The short answer is yes. Probably at the start it won’t be necessary but as they grow, visits to the veterinarian and possible visits to cat boarding houses will come up. Believe me you will need a pet carrier.

Does my kitten need an ID tag?

This is entirely up to the kitten owner. It is a sad fact but cats do have a habit of going missing (especially male cats). An ID tag can assist in the recovery of your lost cat and save a lot of potential heartache

How should I groom my baby kitten?

From early kittenhood, cats generally groom themselves. So all you will need to do at the start is run a pet comb through their fur daily. Investigate a flea removal treatment every six weeks to ensure an extra clean kitty

How often will I need to take my kitten to the vet?

Take your kitten to the vet soon after you bring them home. They will advise you as to the regularity of your kitten visits. After their initial shots and checkups for the first six months you should probably visit annually to ensure your cats health.

My kitten is always underfoot! How can I keep it safe and me sane?

Build a safe area for your kitten. This could be something as simple as a cardboard box. There are a number of cat houses available on the market that provide stimulation to your growing kitten. Please note kittens love attention … play with your kitten as much as possible and don’t treat your safe area as a holding area to ensure your sanity.

How do I kitten proof my home?

Block off any small holes and crevasses in your house, under your house and in your ceilings. Kittens are resourceful and curious and have been known to become stuck in wall spaces. Make sure any hanging electrical cords and similar objects are tied away so your kitten doesn’t pull something down on itself. Secure any small bright objects away from your kitten, they may see these things as food and harm themselves. Always make sure washing machines, driers and microwaves are clear before operating them … kittens are curious animals. Invest in some toys that will capture their attention more than your everyday household items.

How soon should I train my kitten to use a litter box?

As soon as possible. It may take awhile but the sooner they take to using a litter box the better. You will find kittens take to this readily after awhile. Cats are fastidious animals by nature.

How can I learn more about my kitten care?

There is a wealth of information available in books that can assist you. Also a simple google search  can provide you with instant information as and when you need it. If you are concerned about an aspect of your cats health and don't know what to do then visit your veterinarian as soon as possible. They are trained professionals and can give you only the best advice








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